Tommy Middaugh, Vice President of Travel To Go Shares All You Need to Know About Treasuring Your Vacation Pictures

Nov 11, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go  members capture their memories by taking photos.

Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go members capture their memories by taking photos.

Tommy Middaugh, Travel To Go Executive believes that taking photos while on vacation is the most common way to document the excitement of the trip. Though we tend to remember the things we liked the most about a location, taking a picture brings it to life and makes it special in a different way. Whether one is a casual picture-taker or a professional photographer, taking photos on a vacation can be enjoyable.

Here are some tips from Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go to follow for taking photos during the trip.

If you’re bringing a camera, always be sure to bring a travel case for it. When exploring different locations, also be sure that the camera is in this case. The unexpected could always happen, like dropping the camera or something falling on it that can damage it. Bringing a case can help protect it against unexpected damage, not only ruining the ability to take pictures, but also ruining an expensive piece of equipment.

Smart phones can be a great replacement for fancier camera if you don’t want to chance ruining it. Though the picture quality won’t be nearly as nice, it can be a convenient way to take pictures without worrying about an extra piece of equipment to lug around.

If you plan to take lot of pictures, be sure there’s enough memory on whatever device will be used to take pictures. It can be a disappointing feeling to go to take another picture just to realize that there’s no more space on the device. Bring an extra SD card or clear some space on an old one, and you should be good to go.

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A Trip to the Grand Canyon Revealed by Tommy Middaugh

Oct 26, 2014 by

Grand Canyon is a great national park to visit.

Grand Canyon is a great national park to visit.

Tommy Middaugh knows that for those who love locations with natural beauty, the Grand Canyon is a great national park to visit. Being one of the most fascinating nature-made landmarks, it’s a location that people from several different countries come to visit. It appeals to both outdoor enthusiasts and sight-seers alike, and it can make the perfect day trip, or a great destination for an extended getaway. When you visit these places there are things that you can do in this large, 277 mile-length canyon.

  1. There are several hiking trails that allow a journey into the canyon. These trails, which are a bit steeper to climb, take you down into the depths of the canyon, seeing sights that can’t be seen by just looking in from the rim. If hiking is something you and your group enjoy, the hiking trails are a must-try.
  2. Walking along the north or south rim (which are located 277 miles apart from each other) offers several different photographic views of the canyon, as well as several stations that give fascinating information about how the canyon formed. This is the most popular way to experience the canyon, and with the colors and the view changing as the day goes on, it’s always a beautiful sight to see.
  3. In the North Rim, it’s possible to take rafting trips through the Colorado River, located at the floor of the canyon. For those who enjoy water rafting, this would be a great way to cruise through the canyon, offering a different, spectacular view of it. It offers a sort of immersive experience that literally brings you into the canyon, and it is highly recommended by Tommy Middaugh.
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Top Items to Pack for a Sun Safe Beach Destination from Tommy Middaugh

Sep 16, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh offers items for tropical vacations.

Make sure that you stay sun safe when you are at the beach.

Tommy Middaugh knows that beaches are some of the tops vacation spot in the world. They are beautiful and offer a number of amazing activities to enjoy for travelers each year. For those who are Even in the fall, there are a number of great destinations to enjoy all over the world, and if you are headed to one, it is important to stay sun safe. Here are two items that you should be sure to pack when heading for the beach.

  1. Waterproof Sunblock: You’ll want to have sunblock in your luggage, and a small amount (less than 3 ounces) with you at all times. It should be waterproof and have a high SPF, as you’ll be water reflecting sunlight can make the rays more intense. Make sure that you keep sunscreen on whenever you are out exploring, apply generously, and stay safe in the sun. Combined with hats, sarongs, wraps, and sunglasses, this is one of the steps to help you keep protected in the sun.
  2. Umbrella: The wild card here is the umbrella. If you’re headed to a tropical location, you’re going to run into a little rain. Rain may not be monsoon type weather, but it could happen and you’ll find that a good hoodie and umbrella are always smart options to have. Additionally, Tommy Middaugh reminds you that an umbrella can come just as in handy on sunny days for blocking out the sun and keeping your shaded and cool. 
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Tommy Middaugh Shares Upcoming Kern River Rock N Blues Fest

Aug 26, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh, vice president of Travel To Go, says that he is thrilled to announce that the Kern River Rock N Blues Fest is rapidly approaching. This will mark the third year that Travel To Go will be sponsoring the event, and the fourth year of the festival itself. The purpose of the event is to allow people to experience and enjoy outstanding blues music from the best musicians and bands in the industry. Not only will this festival sure to be a good time, but it is dedicated to giving back to the community as well.

The event will be taking place from September 25-28th in Kernville, California. Throughout the festival, there will be a variety of fundraising going on to raise money for the construction of the Bakersfield National Cemetery. The cemetery will serve as a way for people to pay tribute to the veterans of our great nation, and will be a place to lay them to rest.

Some of the top events that will be occurring throughout this four-day festival are the great music sessions going on in the evening. Guests can enjoy music at the park from 5-9 pm on Friday night, and Saturday from 10:30 am to 9 pm. After this, bands can be found at participating venues and bars where they will continue to play their music. The Acoustic Campfire Jam will take place at 9 pm each evening. Tommy Middaugh shares that one of the best events of the weekend will sure to be the Travel To Go VIP Party on Friday at 1 pm and will feature Jade Bennett and the Boom Booms.

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Tommy Middaugh Features the Best Beaches in California

Jul 21, 2014 by

Some of the most remarkable beaches of the world are located off the coast of California, as recognized by Tommy Middaugh. Many of them are popular destinations ripe for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, boating, and a variety of other activities in and around the water. Best of all, many of the beaches in California can be easily accessed for multiple visits. The following are some of the most enjoyed beaches in the state.

  • Big Sur: Near the Coast Highway with nearly countless views of the Pacific Ocean, Big Sur also contains redwood trees. It also has a number of smaller accommodations, including bed and breakfasts. Camping is another popular activity while enjoying the nearby sea.
  • Venice Beach: As an area featuring a variety of art and performers, Tommy Middaugh knows that Venice Beach is a great place to people watch, take pictures, visit local shops, and have a wonderful time.
  • Huntington Beach: Nearby Orange County, Huntington Beach is also known as “Surf City” since it is known to have some of the best waves available in California. It is nearby many popular theme parks as well.

When visiting the state of California, visitors should most certainly enjoy any number of these beaches. In fact, a single trip can be dedicated entirely to traveling along the coast to see these beaches up close and personal. This summer is the perfect time to make a trip to California and bring back precious memories that will make travelers want to go back for return trips.

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Tommy Middaugh Shares Best Tips for A Successful Road Trip

Jul 14, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh knows that when it comes to planning a vacation, many travelers choose to road trip around the country to help save money. But road trips can sometimes leave travelers feeling stuffed, stuck and cooped up. Here are some tips to avoid some of the common problems travelers face while spending time on the open road.

1. One thing that many travelers who have been a road trip know is that after a while, no matter how clean each person in the car starts out being that spending time cooped up can lead to some interesting smells. In fact, being trapped in a small space in the heat with anyone can cause for a stinky situation. Try bring along a homemade sachet air freshener to help mask the smell, or for those out there who aren’t into DIY project, even just buying a can of air freshener can help avoid any issues on the road.
2. There is nothing worse than looking for something that has rolled under the seats in the vehicle. One easy trick that many travelers use is adding sticky pads to your dashboard in order to keep track of important stuff. This will help avoid the loss of important stuff like keys, phones or change for those necessary toll booths.

3. One of the most important things about a road trip is capturing the memories along the way. Try getting a small jar filled with dirt from each destination with a label to remember what is from where. Another fun idea is to stitch your route along the map for another souvenir.

Tommy Middaugh knows that these are some of the best ways to have a good time on your upcoming summer road trip.

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Tommy Middaugh Shares Tips for a Great Summer Vacation

Jun 9, 2014 by

For Tommy Middaugh, having a great summer vacation is extremely important. Travelers want to get away from home after spending more than half of the year working hard and looking forward to a time when relaxation and enjoyment can be had somewhere else. One of the first steps for travelers to start enjoying vacation is to plan on where to go and what to do.  Despite the excitement that comes from spontaneity, it is better to plan ahead of time to find better deals and have a clear idea of what activities can be done at a specific destination.

Tommy Middaugh believes that having the best possible vacation starts with the traveler. A sense of adventure and willingness to have new experiences are effective ways to have a wonderful vacation in the summer. Doing this will also eliminate much of the stress that can come from traveling. A positive frame of mind is important. By putting the worries of home and everyday life aside, travelers have the ability to fully enjoy a vacation and all of the precious memories that can come from it.

Regardless of the destination, the summer is the perfect time to go on vacation.

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Tommy Middaugh Highlights Tips about where to take kids in Mexico

May 30, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh thinks that there is nothing wrong with taking kids to Mexico. There are plenty of things for them to do. This is true in many different places in Mexico including the beach resorts that are famous for their spring break partiers. It is okay to take kids on a trip to Mexico if you know where you can take them to while you are there.


Cancun has some great water parks that kids are sure to enjoy. Tommy Middaugh recommends places such as Aquaworld, Aquafun and Wet n Wild as just a few of the places for kids to visit near Cancun.

Isla Mujeres

Dolphin discovery gives kids a chance to see the dolphins and to swim with the dolphins. It is a great experience that kids love.


Acuario Mazatlan is one of the largest aquariums in Mexico. They have plenty of things for kids to see.

Mexico City

The Musea Papolate is a kite museum that is fun for kids. Six Flags over Mexico is a great amusement park. Chapultepec Zoo is a great way to spend the day with the kids.

This list from Tommy Middaugh only covers some of the areas in Mexico where kids will find plenty of things to do. It is a good idea to know where the places are and how you can get to them if you are staying in Mexico, but once you have this information it is easy to get the kids to go to places like this. It all goes to show that Mexico is not only for adults to visit. Kids are welcome too.

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Tommy Middaugh Shares North Las Vegas As A Twist on Traditional

May 27, 2014 by

Tommy Middaugh knows the Strip in Las Vegas gets most of the international attention, but it’s North Las Vegas where the locals go to experience the true culture of the city. The city borders Las Vegas just to the south and shares the northeast side of the valley’s basin with Nellis Air Force Base. North Las Vegas has its own share of casino resorts that offer visitors a more quiet and convenient atmosphere than the rowdy and raucous Las Vegas Strip. Summertime temperatures will be hot and the highs often average above 100 in July and most of August. If you plan to take advantage of the hotel deals this heat creates, schedule your golf excursions and outdoor activities for early in the mornings. The warm Vegas climate means winter temperatures never get too cool and provide a perfect time to come to North Las Vegas.


The local casinos in North Las Vegas offer everything the casinos on The Strip do with the added amenity of convenience and all at a fraction of the price. Three of the area’s larger casinos offer hotel accommodations and gambling. Tommy Middaugh shares that the Aliante Casino and Hotel, Cannery Casino and Hotel and the Lucky Club Casino and Hotel often offer summer time room rates for less than $90.


Steve Wynn built a stunning 18-hole golf course in North Las Vegas in 1989 called the Shadow Creek Golf Course. It is one of the region’s best courses.  The emerald fairways are an oasis in the desert causing all Las Vegas visitors and residents to flock here for a piece of the action. The Shadow Creek Golf Course is not the only location in North Las Vegas to perfect your game. The Aliante Golf Club also offers 18 holes of play and will get you up from the card table and outside where you can enjoy the perfect spring and fall vacation weather.

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