best orlando travel tips from tommy middaugh

When travelers are getting ready for vacations this spring season, they need to make sure that they choose a destination that is exhilarating. There are many hot destinations this season, but Tommy Middaugh, Travel To Go Vice President, shares that one of the most popular this year is Orlando, Florida. There is a lot to love about this destination, from adventurous tours through the swamp lands of Florida, to days spent with the family in one of the numerous theme parks. Every traveler to this destination deserves to have an incredible vacation this spring, and so he offers some tips for those who plan on taking advantage of Orlando this season.

1.    Book now: Because this is such a popular destination during the season, Tommy Middaugh says that it is essential travelers think ahead before their trip. They must get their accommodations well in advance, and should make sure that if they plan on attending limited ticket events that they purchase their tickets in advance as well. These will all go quickly, especially during this busy season.

2.    Be an early bird: Those who are planning on spending time in the theme parks with their family must be early risers. Major crowed set in at these parks in the afternoons and will last until early evening, and travelers who wait until then to enter the parks will find themselves waiting in long lines for their favorite attractions. Getting to the park right after opening will allow travelers to catch their favorites before the crowds show up.

3.    Be money smart: It is no secret that many of the travelers who are heading to Orlando this season are going for the theme parks. Travel To Go Vice President Tommy Middaugh knows that time in these parks can lead to a hefty bill as travelers get nickeled and dimed on park expenses. Those who want to be smart about their spending however can easily do so by bringing their own snacks, eating outside the parks, taking advantage of shuttle services, and even buying souvenirs at stores outside the parks.

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